• On one of the convention days, I'll be in the vicinity. May I stay for a while and play something?

    No. Unfortunately it won't be possible to "stay for a while" without an invitation and without having paid the registration fee. Not because we're mean, but just because the place we're using to play is available to us since we're hotel customer. Playing "for free" wouldn't be right to those who're paying.

    As Yoda would say: "there is attending or not attending, there's no staying a while".

  • I'm not a member of the GenteCheGioca. forum. Can I attend all the same?

    Yes. It suffices having an invitation and paying the registration fee. All of the previous year attendants are automatically invited and have 5 invitation to give away. Everybody who receives an invitation becomes the happy owner of 5 further invitation and so on. So finding an invitation is really not hard at all.

  • Will there be a booth of Narrattiva / Janus Design?

    No, there won't be any booth. If you wish to take the chance and avoid paying shipping costs for your purchase from another attendee (either a person or a publisher) you'll have to agree your negotiation privately. Instead you'll probably have the chance to buy a "souvenir" from our partner bringing to INC the best in local wine, food and beer.

  • Who's organizing INC'10?

    To begin with Michele Gelli and Claudia Cangini, but it will be only with the cooperation of all those attending that we'll be able to have a really great event. InterNosCon 2010 is also organized by all the people presenting a game, taking on a reception desk shift or helping in any other way. This is a self-managed event so we're looking for people to help us. To begin with, we're looking for:

    • Some people manning the "reception desk" who should receive the attenders, give them the welcome kits and facilitate the various games progress (organization wise, like finding the game organizer, gathering the players, informing where the session will take place, etc.)
    • Most of all are needed people presenting games. Like we said before, we bring our own fun, INC'10 just supplies logistics and a convenient organization to have fun and get together.

    We also hope all those who thinks they can give help / useful advice / or know how to do something useful for the Con (you know how to mix drinks? Any genial advice?) to get in touch with us.

    Who will attend INC'10

    The 69 confirmed guests:

  • Ron Edwards
  • Tobias Wrigstadt
  • Michele Gelli
  • Claudia Cangini
  • Moreno Roncucci
  • Luca Ghibaudo
  • Lapo Luchini
  • Mauro Ghibaudo
  • il Mietitore
  • Ezio "Aetius" Melega
  • Lavinia Fantini
  • Alexandra Zanasi
  • Paolo Davolio
  • Francesco Berni
  • Ariele Agostini
  • Yves Franzosi
  • Mattia Bulgarelli - Korin Duval
  • Marco Andreetto - MrMac
  • Thomas "Dr. Zero" Mosciatti
  • Mattia Corsini a.k.a. Hayden
  • Trevor "3evil" Devalle
  • Matteo "triex" Suppo
  • Simona “Blacklily” Picco
  • Hendrake
  • Gabriella
  • Erucenië - Jessica
  • Simone - Spiegel - Micucci
  • Andrea Forgione
  • Mr. Mario Bolzoni
  • Daniele "Pharaviel" Frizzi
  • Giuseppe Urbani
  • Mattia Germini
  • Luca "Vellu" Veluttini
  • Fabio "Zanna" Zannoni
  • Marco Costantini
  • Riccardo Zulian alias Wady el-Natrun
  • Suna
  • Antonio
  • Glenda
  • Raikoh
  • lirazel
  • Fabio "Tozzie"
  • Domenico "Ashrat" Marino
  • Maria Torelli
  • Katia Davoli
  • Matteo Turini
  • Simone Ferrari - Steppenwolf
  • Alberto aka Lantheros (sono anche Domon)
  • Meme
  • Andrea
  • Wualla
  • Ernesto "Klaus" Pavan
  • Alessandro Riccò - Gwilberiol
  • Pippo Jedi
  • Matteo "Sigmud" Gallivanoni
  • Renato "Caretaker" Salzano
  • Raffaele Manzo, ovvero Rafu
  • Frederik J. Jensen
  • Mara the Fucking Lover
  • Niccolò "Domon" Ricchio
  • Alessio Latini
  • Zeranis
  • Alice
  • Alessandro Hasimir Piroddi
  • Ivan "Xalto" DL
  • Francesco Sechi
  • Dino Tappatà
  • ragazza DIno
  • Adam

    Who will attend INC'10

    The unconfirmed guests:

  • Michele Pupo
  • Scarlet