Collaborating and Facilitating Gaming Events

As already said previously, INC is made by the attenders: the organization staff supplies logistics, but the it's the attendants creating the fun.

There are basically two ways of contributing to INC: Facilitating Events or manning the assistance desk as Secretary. Here following I explain what this means.

Facilitating Events:

The thing INC needs most are gaming events. Facilitating a gaming event, simply means there is a game you'd like to play, so you propose it for the Convention programme, hoping to find other people intereste who'll subscribe to your event and play with you.

One cannot say a Organizer is sacrificing himself for the cause (after all he supposedly is proposing a game he loves to play!), but it's undeniable is making a greater effort than the "common attenders". For instance the Organizer should have a good knowledge of the game he's presenting and should be able to explain it to the people gaming with him, he should bring all the necessary materials (character sheet, printed texts, etc.) and supplies also to the organization all the information needed to correctly present his event in the programme. These information are to be sent to within April, the 10th 2010 and are listed here following.

  • Game title
  • Brief game description
  • Organizer Name (*)
  • Minimum number of player for the event to take place
  • Maximum number of players the event can accomodate (and remember to let us know if you need a specific kind of people for your event, for instance a specific number of male and female players, if you want only players already familiar with the game, if you wish to play exclusively with lefthanded blonde browncoats born in a odd day, etc.)
  • Event length
  • Links, if available (for instance to the author website, to actual play reports, etc.) to give a better idea of the whole thing to the people who may be interested
  • Your cellphone (this is just for the organizers and Secretary desk, it won't be published ont the website)
  • Day and time slot you wish to have your event take place

Available slots are the following:

  • Friday afternoon (14:30 - 18:30)
  • Saturday morning (10:00 - 13:00)
  • Saturday afternoon (14:30 - 18:30)
  • Sunday morning (10:00 - 13:00)
  • Sunday afternoon (14:30 - 18:30)

All this data will allow us to announce your Event in the Programme and collect the players' subscription.

Being a Secretary

In the overall Con organization, the Secretaries play a key role. Basically they facilitate the actual Events start as each slot begins (for instance calling on his cellphone the player who disappeared just when the event he subscribed to is about to start or sending to the right place those asking where the event he subscribed to is taking place, etc.). Once the gaming events start, the Secretary (which previously received a camera to this end) take some photos of the events taking place and as the slot ends, they pass the ball to the next Secretary.

Being a Secretary is a commendable job cause he who does it gives up a gaming slot to allow others to play. This is why we have to reward the people doing it (beside the gratitude and awe inspired to the gaming community) with a "first option" on the gaming events subscription. Practically this means a Secretary subscription comes before any other. For instance, if an event is already fully booked and a Secretary decides to subscribe, the latest subscriber should cede his place to him

Remembering that 5 Secretaries are needed, if you wish to get the job, send a mail to with

  • Secretary name (*)
  • Time slot of choice

Available slots are the following:

  • Friday afternoon (14:30 - 18:30)
  • Saturday morning (10:00 - 13:00)
  • Saturday afternoon (14:30 - 18:30)
  • Sunday morning (10:00 - 13:00)
  • Sunday afternoon (14:30 - 18:30)


Organizers and Secretaries are the real craftsmen of our Con, this is why their names end up in the Con "credits" published on the website, the T-shirt and the book.

(*) To avoid a nervous breakdown of the Con organizers, we kindly ask you to give ONE and ONLY ONE name, nickname, name + nickname or what have you for badge, programme and T-shirt. For avoidance of doubt, let it be known that people asking for things like "I'd like to have John Smith on the badge, instead QWERTY84 on the programme and Whatchamacallit on the T-shirt will be the subject of a lot of nasty swearing, curses and voodoo rites.

    Who will attend INC'10

    The 69 confirmed guests:

  • Ron Edwards
  • Tobias Wrigstadt
  • Michele Gelli
  • Claudia Cangini
  • Moreno Roncucci
  • Luca Ghibaudo
  • Lapo Luchini
  • Mauro Ghibaudo
  • il Mietitore
  • Ezio "Aetius" Melega
  • Lavinia Fantini
  • Alexandra Zanasi
  • Paolo Davolio
  • Francesco Berni
  • Ariele Agostini
  • Yves Franzosi
  • Mattia Bulgarelli - Korin Duval
  • Marco Andreetto - MrMac
  • Thomas "Dr. Zero" Mosciatti
  • Mattia Corsini a.k.a. Hayden
  • Trevor "3evil" Devalle
  • Matteo "triex" Suppo
  • Simona “Blacklily” Picco
  • Hendrake
  • Gabriella
  • Erucenië - Jessica
  • Simone - Spiegel - Micucci
  • Andrea Forgione
  • Mr. Mario Bolzoni
  • Daniele "Pharaviel" Frizzi
  • Giuseppe Urbani
  • Mattia Germini
  • Luca "Vellu" Veluttini
  • Fabio "Zanna" Zannoni
  • Marco Costantini
  • Riccardo Zulian alias Wady el-Natrun
  • Suna
  • Antonio
  • Glenda
  • Raikoh
  • lirazel
  • Fabio "Tozzie"
  • Domenico "Ashrat" Marino
  • Maria Torelli
  • Katia Davoli
  • Matteo Turini
  • Simone Ferrari - Steppenwolf
  • Alberto aka Lantheros (sono anche Domon)
  • Meme
  • Andrea
  • Wualla
  • Ernesto "Klaus" Pavan
  • Alessandro Riccò - Gwilberiol
  • Pippo Jedi
  • Matteo "Sigmud" Gallivanoni
  • Renato "Caretaker" Salzano
  • Raffaele Manzo, ovvero Rafu
  • Frederik J. Jensen
  • Mara the Fucking Lover
  • Niccolò "Domon" Ricchio
  • Alessio Latini
  • Zeranis
  • Alice
  • Alessandro Hasimir Piroddi
  • Ivan "Xalto" DL
  • Francesco Sechi
  • Dino Tappatà
  • ragazza DIno
  • Adam

    Who will attend INC'10

    The unconfirmed guests:

  • Michele Pupo
  • Scarlet